40+ Unique Japanese Bedroom for Your Home

Japanese bedroom design style has unique characteristics. Japanese interior is about how to design the space that blends with nature.

In addition, a modern touch on Japanese interior design, also shows a simple appearance, beautiful and natural.

Japanese Bedroom Style  Characteristics

Even so Japanese style bedroom design. Modern Japanese rooms that often feature low wooden beds, deliberately designed as a place where you can enjoy maximum comfort.

Modern Japanese design style is a combination of typical Japanese style with a clean, neat and sleek modern interior style.

Characteristics of modern Japanese interior styles can be seen from the dominant use of natural materials that appear on the use of natural colors as the main color scheme.

The number of openings and indoor ventilation is also one of the characteristics of this interior design style.

Natural lighting also takes precedence to make the room feel more cool and fresh.

Japanese Bedroom Style  Decorations

So what kind of design and decoration of modern Japanese style appropriate for the bedroom? The following brief explanation can help you in designing modern Japanese style rooms that are natural, simple and beautiful.

In general, bed models are widely used in Japanese style bedrooms, using low wooden beds. This type of bed is the first step you can apply to get a Japanese bedroom design look.

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For the first can start from the floor. The traditional Japanese bedroom floor part usually uses tatami mats.

Tatami mats are traditional mats used in Japanese houses to cover the floor. The material is made of rice straw that is placed in front of the bed or in the seating area.

As for modern Japanese style bedrooms, you do not need to use mats to cover the floor of your bedroom.

Instead you can use ordinary carpets with neutral colors such as brown, cream or black. You can also use a carpet with bamboo motifs, Japanese cartoons or other Japanese-themed motifs.

For the next color bedroom. Japanese-style bedroom decor usually uses neutral colors such as cream, brown or black. Choose one of these colors for the color of your bedroom wall.

You can also combine it with other colors nuanced natural colors such as blue, red and green.

The colors can be presented through wall paintings, sheets or other decorative elements of the room.

And the last is decorating furniture and accessories ala Japan. The furniture in question here is the bed.

In Japan the bed is usually placed as low as possible with the floor. Because the Japanese seem to have a simple style.

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For accessories can be made using decorations made from natural materials such as wood and bamboo.

Japanese Bedroom Style  Elements

You can apply natural wood elements to the use of beds, floors, tables, chairs, shelves, to wall panels. You can also add gray tones to wall paint, bed sheets, to natural stone on the floor or furniture.

Ornamental plants are also able to provide freshness in modern Japanese-style space. The green color features a cool and fresh impression that suits the basic philosophy of modern Japanese bedroom design.

Simplicity is the key to Japanese-style interior design. Choose a model and type of furniture that is simple and functional. Furniture and various elements of multi functional decoration is aptly applied to the bedroom that has a size not too large.

Also avoid the use of furniture and furniture, especially if your bedroom has a small size. Do not make this resting area uncomfortable due to the presence of large furniture and result in decreased space flexibility.

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