Natural Bamboo Fence Ideas for Your Garden

Not only an iron fence, concrete, or wood. Now natural bamboo fence is also a favorite of many, ranging from rural people to people who live in the city.

Bamboo fence of this natural material is no less interesting. Even can highlight more slick design. Bamboo fence can also be used to test your creativity.

Making bamboo fence there is no design or standard rules. You are free to combine bamboo fence with various materials of other building materials.

Bamboo fence was originally very identical to use in homes in rural areas. But along with its development, bamboo fence became a new trend that now began to have more unique creations, diverse and also suitable for use in various types and types of houses for all area.

When compared to other types of wood, bamboo is a cheaper material, easy to obtain, and environmentally friendly.

The motive was interesting. Unfortunately, sometimes bamboo is difficult to make straight because this plant curved as its growth. A few tips, you can soak the bamboo first so that the bamboo can be straight and easily installed as a protective bamboo fence of the house.

In addition, this bamboo fence design is easily fitted with wire bonds. At the top you can combine it with a small flower vase to beautify the look of your house. This bamboo fence will beautify Zen garden or tropical garden.

To give a more decorative bamboo fence look, you can combine it with concrete.

Combining bamboo fences with other materials often results in a very unique and modern look.

Bamboo itself is a plant that can grow tall. Arranging it lined up vertically will be a beautiful exterior sweetener and relatively easy to do.

In order for the fence with these two types of materials can be durable, you can apply a protector for wood on the bamboo fence.

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This will prevent weathering on the bamboo fence and maximize its durability.

Black Natural bamboo fence

Instead of using a wooden fence and painting it, you can install a black bamboo fence in your home area.

The natural black color of the bamboo fence will further enhance your exterior of the house. You can choose a black bamboo that is not too large to make it easier to shape it on the corner.

Bamboo was originally found only planted people in Java, but now has spread to many places. Not only easy to apply, this black bamboo fence can also give the look of luxury in your house.

Short Natural bamboo fence

In some homes, you do not have to install a high bamboo fence. If you live next to a river or forest, for example, a short bamboo fence is more suitable to apply, so you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery in the neighborhood around you. For this bamboo fence design, you can choose a large yellow bamboo.

Pair your fences with natural wooden furniture, for example a lounger. Bamboo chairs can also be a good option, you know.

The design of bamboo fence seemed endless. This depends on the creativity of the designer. Especially in combination with other building materials. Such as combining bamboo fence with garden decoration in the form of small iron fence.

With this design you can put small ornamental plants near the bamboo fence. This design can also give a beautiful and artistic look on the home yard area.

The design of this fence is suitable applied to the house that carries the theme of Japan. Do you know, if the right garden decoration can make your house more stylish?

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Bamboo is a beautiful natural material to be used as a fence. Because the bamboo fence proved to be stronger and more durable.

More flexible texture of bamboo also allows you to explore it into a variety of bamboo fence designs.

In order to give a unique and unusual look, you can install a bamboo fence with a design as creative as possible.

You can make a bamboo fence of bamboo of various sizes and shapes, and combine them into one unity.

Using bamboo as a fence material provides many advantages. The reason, from the old bamboo with large size to young bamboo is still small you can though a bamboo fence.

The design of this bamboo fence has a natural left footprint, giving it a rustic look that resembles an old thatched roof.

Each bamboo slab is firmly and tightly mounted. Bamboo fence of this design can also maintain privacy in your home area. Using this bamboo fence creates beautiful and earthy scenery. You can also provide lighting to your fences.

Who says the bamboo fence does not give privacy to your home area? In fact, you can keep your privacy despite installing a bamboo fence in your home area. You can install smaller bamboo-style arranged vertically and install it on larger bamboo.

Large bamboo is installed horizontally and used as a buffer. To design this bamboo fence, do not put it together with a nail because it can damage the small bamboo. You can use a string with a strong quality to connect between bamboo.

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