Ideas and How to Build Canteen for Your Office

How to Build Canteen for Your Office. The canteen comes from the Dutch word “kantine”, which is a room in a public building that can be used by visitors to eat, whether food is brought alone or purchased there.

Running a canteen business on campus, offices and schools is actually very profitable. The number of potential customers in these regions will be widely available and targeted. The cafeteria can be used as a place to rest while eating lunch.

How to Build Canteen Design Inspiration

For those of you who want to make a canteen on campus, office, or at school, there are some canteen design tips that you can use the following.

Determine the best location

We recommend that you position the canteen far enough from the workspace and classrooms, so the canteen visitors can really get out of things that smell like work or study during breaks.

However, try also so that the location is not too far away and the access is quite easy to reach. A canteen that is too far away will spend time visitors going to the canteen.

Paint neutral color walls

Choose neutral or earthy wall paint colors for the canteen wall so that it still gives a simple impression. Soft and neutral colors can also make the mind more relaxed and relaxed.

Color choices that can be used are pastel, cream, milk chocolate, white, light green and light blue. We recommend that you avoid colors that are too flashy, such as red, dark yellow, or orange.

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Leave the floor plain without carpeting

The canteen is an easy-to-dirty area with lots of leftover food and drinks falling on the table to the floor.

To facilitate cleaning food scraps, let the canteen floor remain plain without carpeting. This will make it easier when cleaning spilled food and drinks.

Provide a long dining table and long bench

A long dining table and long bench facing each other are typical of dining tables and chairs in the canteen.

Arrangement of the dining table like this makes the canteen can accommodate large numbers of visitors at once at a time.

Food booths approached the wall

The canteen usually provides various kinds of food stands provided by the office or school as well as outside parties.

The position of the booth should be arranged so that each food stand closes to the wall, and let the central area of the canteen be spacious enough to place the dining table and long benches.

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Provide a microwave, coffee maker and refrigerator for the office canteen

For office canteens, the canteen should also provide a microwave, coffee maker and refrigerator to accommodate if there are employees who want to prepare their own food.

For the refrigerator, you should provide a large enough size to be used by many people to store their food.

How to Build Cantee. Put some trash and ashtrays

For the convenience of everyone, the canteen should be designed as a non-smoking area so that everyone can eat quietly without being disturbed by cigarette smoke.

Also provide a complete trash can with an ashtray on top of the trash can in some corner of the canteen so that canteen visitors will be more aware of cleanliness to dispose of leftovers in the trash.

Present the cabinet and tub for hand washing or dish washing

We recommend that you also present a kitchen cabinet as a place to place eating and drinking utensils.

Also provide a sink and sink so that the canteen visitors can wash their cutlery and glass after use.

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