How to Build Music Studio and Audiophile Listening Room

Speaking of music, you who are musicians and like to play music, must have the desire to have a room or private studio at home. It is not like that?

To create a special room, just provide an empty room and move your entire instrument, then voila !.

However, it doesn’t arrive there, because there are several things that must be considered so that the room remains comfortable and performs optimally.

Here are some inspiration and tips in designing a music room at home.

1. Save Music Collection

For those of you lovers of music works, why not make a special room to store the entire collection of LPs, cassettes, CDs, posters, and favorite guitars?

Complete the room with hangers to store guitars and shelves with glass doors to put collections to avoid damage.

Also add some soft chairs or carpets and pillows in the room so you can enjoy a hobby of music while relaxing.

2. Multi functional room

Bringing together the music room with space for other activities is not a problem.

For example, combining a music room with a library or reading room. To do this, make sure you pay attention to the layout of the musical instrument so that the room looks full of aesthetics and so that other activities remain enjoyable.

3. Install the Carpet

A room with a fairly large size at home can be used as an open studio either to play music or make recordings.

To make it look modern, apply industrial style in the room with white wall paint with an alloy of iron elements and wood as an accent.

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Tips for you, putting the carpet under the drum can dampen the vibration of the sound produced. Besides that the carpet can also minimize the movement of the music instrument.

4. Separate Cabin

If you have a room separate from the house, be it a room or a warehouse, magic as a studio or a music room !.

The room separated from the main house can be your ‘hermitage space’ so you can focus on making work.

Do not forget, also add the air conditioner inside so that the studio is not damp and your musical instruments are kept awake.

5. Theater

Not only cinemas, you can present a mini theater at home. If you like to appear in front of family or friends, design a music room complete with a small stage and supportive lighting.

When there is a gathering or family gathering, gathering in the room while singing and playing music will add to the warmth of the atmosphere.

Not only does it look cool, the room can also be useful as a training ground for your band or kids.

6. Music Lounge

In addition to a separate cabin, the room that is considered the most suitable for making a music room or studio is in the attic or basement of the house.

You can design the room like a lounge for jamming and gathering with friends.

Even though it is far from other rooms, complete a room with simple sound absorbers such as a bookshelf on a wall or add a door sweep or rubber broom shaped like a broom intended to close the gap under the door.

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7. Tips for Making Sound Absorbers

So that the noise from the music game does not interfere with the stairs, the thing that must be considered when making a room or music studio is to complete it with sound suppression.

Nowadays there are quite a number of types of wall coatings for sound absorbers on the market.

You can also use other sound absorbing materials such as egg container boxes, egg foams, gypsum boards, plain foam, and coated roll carpets with a certain thickness.

Not only walls, you should also coat the roof and floor of the room. The most common method is to add one to two layers of drywall to the roof. As for the floor, use a dampening mattress and then cover the entire room with carpet according to taste.

As a complement to comfort, add a studio with several types of minimalist furniture.

Minimalist furniture is also a trick that acts as an enhancer for dampers. Also provide comfortable sofas, tables and benches with tables around the studio.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the color of the studio’s furniture and colors to make it look harmonious.

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