47+ Fresh Tiny Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Tiny Backyard Landscaping Ideas. Do not think that arranging a garden is just sorting out ornamental plants or determining what material to use. The most important part before starting to arrange the garden in your home is to design the landscape of the garden.

Landscape parks cover various aspects of spatial planning, such as zoning, access flows for mobilization, and land use, which are often limited.

Not only is the problem of limited land, high rainfall, solar intensity, and air pollution is often a problem in designing landscape parks for homes in urban areas.

With these various problems, you are indeed required to mobilize a little creativity when designing a garden landscape. However, don’t worry this time Kania has summarized some of the inspirations of the garden landscape and how to deal with the problems in designing it.

1. Variations in Block Paving and Grass on Rear Garden Landscape

Exotic impression is an impression that is easily obtained for those of us who live in the tropics. The landscape of the garden that you can try to apply as a way to cultivate the exoticism of the tropical climate is to combine variations of paving blocks and ornamental plants. As seen in this one garden landscape that displays green shades of garden grass.

Maximum tropical impression comes from a combination of cement, gravel and bush grass paving blocks. The area near the dividing wall is planted with trees that function to drive pollution as well as cooling for tropical garden landscape.

2. Overflow of Light in a Modern Minimalist Garden Landscape

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Canopies can indeed be installed to avoid the hot sun. However, the existence of a canopy can also be a barrier for you who want to enjoy the beauty of the landscape of the park freely.

Even though it feels stinging, you can use the abundance of sunlight to display a modern impression on the design of a garden landscape.

Modern impressions come from gravel paving blocks that dominate the entire park along with silver ball decorations and benches that function as garden focal points.

This paving block is surrounded by green areas planted by fruit ornamental plants, in the form of orange trees. Not only from the color, the fragrant fruit also refreshes this modern garden landscape.

3. Landscape Garden with a Pool that Makes Fresh

In small garden landscapes often water elements, such as decorative ponds or decorative waterfalls, are placed in the corner of the garden along with ornamental plants. However, it is different from the landscape of this small park.

The pool is placed on the front of this modern minimalist garden landscape. Aside from being an oasis, with paving stone installed floating on it, this pool is also a transition area to the main part of the garden.

4. Landscape Garden Front Tropical Nuance House

The beauty of the front garden of the house can be shown by the design of a tropical-style garden landscape dominated by green. In contrast to the landscape of modern gardens, grass, trees, ornamental plants and tropical flowers are natural elements that surround most parks.

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While the trail, the only element that functions as an access area, is deliberately turned around so that anyone who walks through it can experience an interesting open space experience.

5. The impression of space in a small back garden landscape

Not all open spaces in the house have an ideal shape, some are angled or too elongated, but the width is minimal. Its position is sometimes located in remote areas, such as on the side or at the end of the house.

Therefore, landscape garden with a minimalist concept is right to be applied to the position of open space like this. How, landscape gardens are made in balanced zoning.

If the shape is narrow and elongated like the landscape design of this garden, place a green area in the middle and a sitting area or lounge jutting close to the wall.

6. Lush Tropical Forests Behind Houses

The narrow backyard of the house does not mean it is a barrier to having a garden with lush trees. This one landscape garden successfully presents two different areas, namely the sitting area and green area, in a limited place.

Although the number of trees and ornamental plants is abundant, this arrangement does not make the garden landscape behind the house look full, instead it looks soothing because it protects the garden from the hot sun.

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