43+ Gorgeous Wall Tile Decoration and Pattern

Beautifying the walls of a house does not only have to use paint or wallpaper. You can also use other materials, such as ceramic walls. Ceramic walls have a number of advantages over other types of materials.

One of the advantages of wall ceramics is that their designs are available in a variety of colors, motifs and textures. You can freely choose the ceramic wall that matches the atmosphere, impression, or effect of the room you want to create. Besides being more beautiful, your home will be more luxurious and elegant. Especially if you diligently clean it, it will definitely look even more sparkling.

Not only aesthetic value, ceramic walls are also more durable than ordinary wall paint that is easy to crack and peel off. Ceramic wall is a strong material, because the production process must be heated with temperatures reaching 1200 degrees Celsius.

Before installing wall tiles in your home, first identify the types of wall tiles. These types of wall ceramics are sometimes different in function and style. By knowing the following types of wall ceramics, you will definitely find it easier to choose the type of wall ceramic that suits your favorite design.

1. Ceramic Wall Glazed

Wall ceramic tiles are the most sought-after type and can be found anywhere. The material is composed of clay, minerals, and a number of solvents mixed together. When finished, a ceramic wall with a very strong structure is formed. This is because the printing must go through a heating process under very high temperatures, around 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The drawback, the process causes ceramic tiles to porous walls and eventually difficult to clean. In addition, the design is not attractive. Then a model of ceramic wall tiles was developed which had a glaze layer.

The glaze layer is fired in such a way as to be able to blend perfectly into the body of the ceramic wall. This layer will form a variety of ceramic wall motifs. There are floral, stone and bamboo motifs. With this layer also, the ceramic wall becomes more waterproof, fire resistant, and easy to clean because it is solid and non-porous.

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Another advantage of glazed ceramic wall is its light weight so it is easily installed on vertical surfaces. But it’s so light, glazed wall tiles can only be applied to the walls.

Not suitable to be installed on the floor because it will not last long enough to withstand the burden of pedestrian traffic. Usually this type of type fits in the living room that wants the impression of luxury.

Regarding the level of wall ceramic resistance, you can check it based on the PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) scale. This PEI scale will classify wall ceramics based on deciding on durability on abrasion, sharp object scratches, and certain material spills.

2. Mosaic ceramics

This type of wall ceramic is very well known for its uniqueness. The color, motif, and texture are guaranteed to attract every eye. In fact, you can determine your own customized designs. Your house must feel more alive and not monotonous.

Many advantages are possessed by mosaic wall tiles. In addition to beautifying the look of the house, the treatment was easy. Simply use a clean cloth to remove dust and stains.

The density is also high enough so that this type of wall ceramic tends to be durable. Therefore, this type of ceramic is often used in minimalist bathrooms.

3. Ceramic Glass Wall

In the early 2000s, glass mosaic became a trend to be installed as a ceramic wall. Especially on the walls in the kitchen and bathroom. Many people like it because of the glazed ceramic glass wall which gives the impression of sparkling.

As a result, the room feels increasingly shining and looks flashy. That sheen is not found in other types of wall ceramics. Usually, this ceramic wall is rarely used to cover the entire wall. Installation is often only used as a sweetener accent.

4. Ceramics from natural stones

Do you want the atmosphere of a room that feels natural? Try to decorate the walls of your house with wall tiles made of natural stones. For example granite, slate, or marble. Not only interesting, the design will also give a unique accent to your home.

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Ceramic wall from natural stone is very suitable to be applied in the kitchen or bathroom. Even so, this type of ceramic must be neatly polished to cover its pores. Natural rocks are easily scratched and tend not to withstand high temperatures.

5. Custom Tile Printing

As the name implies, you can determine the color, motif, or texture of the walls of the wall that you desire. This ceramic wall is often known as Digital Printed Tile. Because the design does use digital printing and manipulation techniques.

Later, the motif you like will be scanned or taken by a digital camera. The motif is then processed in such a way through a special photo editing software.

The motif or picture that has been approved by you and the printer will then be pressed and then heated under a very hot temperature so that the image blends perfectly into the body of the ceramic wall

For in the living room, you certainly need wall tiles with designs that describe the character of the homeowner. The guests were pleasantly looking at him and the conversation in the living room became more familiar.

Whereas in the bathroom, you definitely need wall tiles that are resistant to water. The best choices you can take are glazed or made of natural stone.

Not only is it waterproof, the absorption of the two types of wall tiles is also low. The material is also easy to clean and free of moss. In the kitchen, you need ceramics that are easy to clean.

After knowing the benefits of ceramic walls, are you interested in trying it out? Or even you are still confused about arranging the right interior for your house?

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