35+ Stunning Bohemian Interior Design You Will Love

Bored with the same house design? It’s time for you to try a new design that certainly makes your home look fresh and more comfortable.

One design that is now in great demand because of its highly artistic style is bohemian design. Bohemian itself is a term to describe a lifestyle that is strange and anti-establishment. This bohemian style doesn’t have a definite character you know.

The bohemian style is present because of irregularity and uncertainty. Spontaneous, using existing objects is a bohemian design builder.

Even so, the bohemian design has distinctive features that create an eccentric and certainly artistic impression. Ethnicity, hippies and vintage are typical of bohemian designs.

Curious, how about a bohemian style home interior? Let’s just take the photos immediately!

1. A bohemian-style interior creates an impression that is far from luxurious and expensive. You can use the items you have as decorations. For example, used jars, paper craft, paintings, photographs and more

2. Textile material is an important element for bohemian design. Usually applied to pillows, curtains, and other upholstery fabrics. The pattern and texture of the fabrics used for this bohemian design are also very distinctive

3. The lamp becomes a very supportive element to create a bohemian impression, especially a lamp with a dim light to create a warm impression. In addition to using small lights, you can also use ethnic lanterns

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4. Traditional bohemian-style furniture that has long been used. The impression is an artistic vintage impression. You can use old furniture that is repainted or added decoration to cover the damage

5. Another feature of the bohemian style is the use of accessories or ornaments. One of the most widely used is wall decoration. Can be a dream catcher, tapestry, painting, and others

6. Walls play an important role for bohemian design. Usually the wall is used to hang accessories. We must play the color composition on the wall so that the impression that is generated is not only eccentric but also artistic

7. There is no specific color for bohemian design. Bohemian designs usually use many colors and patterns, but we can also use colors with the same nuances

8. Natural elements are important for a bohemian style house. You can place live plants in the room. This creates the impression that a house is close to nature

9. As a complement to bohemian details, use carpet in the room. You can use plain or patterned carpets

10. The bohemian style is present because of irregularities. You must be smart in arranging your things so that a messy layout can create a very artistic impression

Bohemian design, very rich in the use of colors, layered textures and accents that are relaxed and vibrant. The use of bright colors with abstract patterns can almost always be found in bohemian interior design styles.

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These bright colors become a beautiful setting for various trinkets with motifs that also look very “crowded”.

One interesting thing about the bohemian style is that you are freed in creating, because there really are no rules. You can use twenty different color choices or maybe just three or just one color. All color choices are in your hands.

As a guide, bohemian style is synonymous with bright lines, geometry and vibrant colors such as pink, red, Tosca, yellow, orange etc.

Although there are no specific color rules in bohemian style, you should avoid using dark colors.

Because, the use of dark colors will actually make the design look stiff and turn off the interesting potential of this hippie style.

That’s the look of the bohemian style home interior. Really, right? It’s really good to be cheated for your home design inspiration.

If you want a comfortable and artistic atmosphere, it’s really a must try to design this one!

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