35+ Amazing Bird Cage Ideas for Your Home Decoration

Amazing Bird Cage Ideas for Your Home Decoration. For my friends who still have the rest of the land, especially those who live in the countryside, there is no harm in creating aviary habitat.

What is aviary habitat? Here we do not design a page for wild birds as described in the article. Making a home page as a habitat for wild birds, but building an aviary that almost resembles the original habitat for birds that are kept.

In almost every article about breeding birds, breeders who provide plants in their livestock pens always say that they want to create an atmosphere like in their natural habitat.

Within certain limits, this can be justified. That is, birds do not just perch on man-made trunks, but on the branches of plants. Semi-open cage roof design, in which part of the roof is only covered by fine wire, also has the same estuary: birds can get direct sunlight, not unlike the atmosphere in the wild.

This time we talk about aviary habitat, whose concept is far more natural than the description of avian livestock cages. Yes, aviary habitat is an aviary cage, which is designed so that the objects in the cage really resemble an ecosystem where ordinary birds live in the wild.

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The plants included consist of several types and are relatively lush, so that they resemble super mini forests. A tub of water for bathing can also be designed like a pond, which can be likened to a small lake.

All this can make the birds feel comfortable at home. For chirping birds, this cage design can stimulate diligent sound naturally. For birds that are bred, the productivity of the parent is relatively better when compared to ordinary cage models, although treated in the same way.

Aviary habitat can be an alternative solution for those of you who live in urban areas, and want to “release” birds in the yard without worrying about being caught by local people. You also still have the opportunity to enjoy the birds singing.

Another advantage is that if the aviary habitat contains the same bird species and consists of males and females, you can later enjoy the results of their reproduction without having to bother to think of some details of breeding.

Aviary habitats are now one of the trends in developed countries. What needs to be considered is maintaining the humidity of the cage, especially if you live in an urban area where the air temperature tends to be high. You can do this by regularly watering the soil surface and the plants in it.

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There are several forms and models of aviary habitat, all of which depend on the taste and the area of ??land available. The wider the enclosure, of course, the more diverse plants and birds that can be maintained in it.


There are several ways you can do when you want to create an aviary habitat. This time we only explained three ways, namely:

  1. Use existing plants, then make the aviary cage that surrounds the plant.
  2.  Make an aviary cage, then enter various types of plants.
  3.  Make use of the room around the house.


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