33+ Stunning Otaku Room Ideas

Indeed, anime is an interesting thing. In terms of fun stories to follow and artistic portrayals, fun to look at.

Moreover, many varieties can be chosen. From the cute Hamtaro anime to the great and brave Kamen Raider. No wonder so many people around the world are crazy about anime. Anime viruses hit the otaku from the age of a child to an adult.

From the place where anime was created, Japan was not responsible for promoting the business of cartoon characters they made. Anime has been widely used in various products to attract buyers.

Starting from recreational parks, food packages, cafes, school tools and many more are decorated with anime characters. Even now there are many who apply the concept of anime to the interior of the room.

Now for the otaku, have you applied the anime concept in your room? Is your bedroom normal now? in this article you will learn some tricks to turn your room into an otaku in a fast time. The following are the ways:

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To start a big project, look for a source of money! Without money, you can’t go anywhere. If you don’t have a job, then look for a job! If you have worked, then take a bundle of money.

If you are a small child or a teenager, then save or ask your parents, if your parents do not give it but you have talent in drawing I suggest to take part in drawing competitions on social media or others where the prize is money, in a way like you will be able to save little by little.

Remember, make sure you really want it if you don’t, then don’t waste money on something good.

Decide what anime you want to use as a theme for your room, Naruto? or One Piece? Remember! You don’t have to choose just one theme. Choose your favorite anime so you don’t get bored to see it.

Shop directly at stores that sell cheap anime accessories or equipment, or shop online, but I suggest it’s better to shop directly so we can see the quality of the goods directly.

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Using used goods is also not a bad idea to buy, as long as it remains in good condition. Buy a few posters, figures, dolls, pillows, magazine wall clocks and so on so that you are really an otaku.

Show items that you have purchased. Place the item according to your wishes. If you have manga, magazines or DVDs put on the bookshelf with a sign: special for anime! or also: anime, manga, DVD and so on.

If you want to cover all the walls with a poster then use Blu-tack (a kind of blue gum). Blu-tack is easy to handle and also cheap, sometimes you have to use more than four pieces for each corner, especially if you put up a large poster on the ceiling.

Now that’s how to decorate my otaku room, is there any shadow you want to decorate your room to become a room for an otaku?

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