33+ Farewell and Retirement Party Decoration Ideas

Farewell and Retirement Party Decoration. Farewell parties are usually held for various occasions. In addition, a farewell party can be a great way to let go of friends, colleagues and loved ones with beautiful memories.

You can have a farewell party when someone changes jobs, goes abroad, or starts a new chapter of life in any capacity. Having a farewell party involves a lot of preparation.

Starting from the planning stage, sending invitations, preparing places, and honoring special guests, there is a lot to do. Fortunately, you can ask for help from friends, co-workers, and so on. With a little planning and cooperation, you can give a guest party that will not be forgotten.

Farewell and Retirement Party Decoration, Choose a theme.

The best farewell party usually carries a specific theme to honor special guests. The theme generally highlights the guests’ next journey and remembers the times you spent together.

If your friend will move to a new place, think about what theme is suitable. You can consider a “goodbye” party that carries the theme of travel and exploration.

Maybe your party can highlight some things that are local and he likes. In addition, you can introduce some local culture and culinary to a place that will be your friend’s destination.

Maybe the guest of honor will move to another company. You can have a party that highlights all the achievements he achieved in your office.

Enter themes into invitations, food, decorations, and so on. For example, if your friend moves to another province or country, you can make cupcakes with colors that represent the province or country.

You can even make a topper (high hat) with a new location map that is your friend’s destination on one side and the place he will leave on the other side.

Look for a good location for parties that match the theme. Choose the right place to hold a party. You can hold it in an office, restaurant, or even at home. The location must be a combination of a place that is easily converted into a party venue and guests will enjoy it.

If you have a farewell party for family members who will move abroad for some time, the house is a good choice. Farewell parties for colleagues who retire or move jobs, favorite local offices or restaurants can be an option.

Think about what the honored guest would like. Remember that you have a party for friends. It was appropriate that the party was held in a place he would remember.

For example, if your friend will move to another city, a party can be held at a bar or restaurant that you often visit. Find out if you can rent it for several hours.

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The location of the party must be special and provide enough privacy. You certainly want to be able to have fun without disturbing or disturbing others.

Farewell and Retirement Party Decoration, Send invitation.

Spread invitations in advance so that most people invited will schedule time to come. When sending out invitations, think about what the guest of honor desires at the party.

Prioritize invitations for close friends and family. Don’t forget to think about the budget and make sure the guest list contains names of people who are well known or not too big if your budget is limited, or if the guest of honor doesn’t want a big party.

Unless you have a surprise party, don’t forget to invite the guest of honor. You can even send special personal invitations.

Submitting physical invitations is a powerful way to make people willing to attend a farewell party. Decorate invitations in such a way that they don’t deviate from the theme of the party.

If your friend moves to another city, you can make an invitation that looks like a plane ticket. Print the name of the city of origin and destination city.

Add information about party details such as party time and location on the ticket. Ask guests to tell if they can come or not (RSVP) before a certain date, about two or three weeks before the party so that you can plan food portions properly.

You can also create “events” on Facebook. Social media can be a great way to invite people and discuss party details. Make an “event” on social media, but send a physical invitation too.

People do not always check invitations if they are only distributed through social media. In addition, physical invitations can benefit the party and can be used as a parting gift or a memory board.

However, if you don’t want to send a physical invitation, you can design colorful electronic invitations.

Invite people to contribute to buying gifts.

You must give a memento to the guest of honor. Leaving the departure of a friend or co-worker with a sentimental gift will be a sweet memory that will not be forgotten. Invite people who will attend parties to contribute as much as they can.

If you feel uncomfortable asking for donations to people, it doesn’t matter. You can tell the invitees that you plan to buy or make mementos for honored guests. Explain that you will really appreciate it if they can contribute.

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Offer other ways so that people can contribute. If you don’t want to just ask for money donations, consider asking them to help with decorating, arranging parties, making or carrying food, and so on. Any contribution will be very helpful.

Make decorations. Make decorations at the party venue according to the theme. You can make decorations that combine the past and the future. Example:

Make decorations for ships or small planes for someone who will go abroad. Use colors that represent the color of the country you are leaving and the country that your friends are aiming for.

Or, you can divide the party area into two. Decorate half the area with colors and things your friends like from this country, while the other half decorate with colors and things that represent the culture of the destination country.

Put small hours, worksheets, or other office items for someone who will retire. In addition, consider including things that are considered enjoyable by coworkers or friends for someone who will retire. Maybe the person once said he wanted to sit on the porch while reading a book.

Why not make a small patio decoration in one corner of the room? Add comfortable chairs and a small table with several books. This area can also be a special throne for honored guests.

Small ribbons are always beautiful decorations. Look for ribbons with favorite guest colors, or that have symbolic meaning and are related to separation.

You can even make map ribbons that show the old city to be abandoned and the new city to be the destination.

Consider providing a special place and place a book or card there so that everyone can sign or write a message. If your friend will go abroad, maybe you can put a small bottle and paper rolls. Ask everyone to write a message on paper and put it in a bottle.

Take lots of photos to commemorate the farewell party. You can send it via e-mail or even print the best photo on canvas and send it to him as a remembrance of the farewell party and everyone who comes.

You can also make photo collages that describe groups of friends or co-workers who are having fun as extra gifts.

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