33+ Best Executive Interior Design for Your Office

Best Executive Interior Design for Your Office. Office interior design for executives and tips on organizing and decorating the interior of the office space to make it look more professional.

For executives in the company, usually a special office or room will be provided in such a way that it looks exclusive, elegant and professional, by presenting a little personal touch.

Mostly, an office for executives has apartment-like features, such as a comfortable sofa set with its desk, mini fridge and various drinks and snacks, coffee makers, to private pantry.

All of these facilities are usually determined by the company, although sometimes the executive can add other facilities he wants.

The location of the executive office was made by considering the position that gets the best view in the building. What is clear, the higher the position of an executive, the better and wider the design of the office he will occupy.

For an executive, having a private office space is absolutely realized to support all activities and work.

To realize the design and arrangement of executive offices that are both professional and comfortable, here are the steps and solutions you can take.

Choose a color pattern that displays a professional impression for the executive office

An executive office must be different from an ordinary employee office, where professional impressions are important to emerge.

But besides the impression of a professional, it is expected that the executive room is also made attractive and impressive so that it doesn’t look too rigid and boring.

The executive’s office is usually not only used for work, but also for receiving other important clients and guests, both in one company and another. So, we need to use colors that represent the color of the company.

Then, add colors that can stimulate, for example yellow, orange, and red as accents while beautifying the room. Use neutral colors for the walls and carpet of the room. Remember, the carpet used must be of good quality.

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Arrange the furniture arrangement properly and don’t overdo it

Some mandatory office furniture for executives are work desks, chairs, sofas for guests, cabinets, and other supporting furniture and electronic equipment.

Try to choose office furniture with an ergonomic design to increase the value of its benefits. Arrange the arrangement neatly and try not to make the executive office congested and reduce the space for movement.

Attend executive tables and chairs at the door, so the executive can find out who is in and out of his office. Especially for electronic equipment such as TVs, telephones, fax machines, and computers, there will be long enough cables.

Arrange so that these cables do not intersect with each other, to make it look chaotic.

What needs to be placed on the executive office desk?

The mandatory items that must be on the main desk of the executive are name plates, business card holders and stands that are used to place important files being worked on.

We can also add expensive pens and pens, then the award plaque that has been achieved. If you want to give a little personal touch, a frame with a photo of the executive and his family can try to be presented

Give focus to the executive office wall decoration

For wall decoration, we can place things that are personal to the owner.

We can place the executive’s personal photo, award certificate that has been achieved, the executive’s review from well-known newspapers, and photographs that give the impression of other professionals, for example when the owner is receiving an award.

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For artistic touches, we can also place an ethnic painting or accessories, such as traditional masks, traditional fabrics, fans, and other accessories.

Or, for a more personal touch, we can add equipment or accessories that are attached to the executive’s hobby.

If the executive likes to play golf, there’s nothing wrong with adding a small angle that can be used in a track or golf course in the room.

Don’t forget the importance of storage or storage areas in the executive office

Given the large number of important documents, folders, books and stationery and offices needed to carry out the executive’s duties, an ideal storage area must be presented and can store all the documents.

You can add filling cabinets, glass cabinets, bookshelves, tables with several drawers, etc. If you need additional storage areas, you can add wall shelves.

Other office supporting accessories and decorations

In order to make the executive office look more complete, more detailed accessories and decorations should be considered, for example throw pillows for sofas, beautiful and expensive carpets on the floor, fresh plants or flowers placed on the guest table, to curtains, curtains or screens for the windows.

All of these things need to be considered in detail and set up to create an impression of complement and harmony between one accessory and another in the room.

Combine your ideas with the pleasure and productivity that you will make. Having a collection to show off at your home office isn’t bad either.

In the end, you are the owner of your home office. Don’t hesitate to make your personal space as professional and funny as you want.

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