33+ Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

The kitchen is one of the important rooms in a house, because the kitchen serves as a place for homeowners to cook or do other activities.

Because often a person spends a lot of time in the kitchen by cooking, and because cooking also requires a lot of things, the kitchen is usually the most used room to store many items in the form of cooking utensils, food ingredients, and other related items with food such as plates, cups or cups.

Well because it has many items and is often used by homeowners, the kitchen also has the potential to become the most messy place in your home.

Whether because of cooking activities or looking for other cooking utensils, cooking utensils such as pots, frying pans, and dishes scattered everywhere. Maybe at first it doesn’t matter if your kitchen is a little dirty, but if you leave the kitchen you will get dirty, and make you uncomfortable.

In order to avoid your kitchen from falling apart, the solution needed is very simple. Yup, you only need a shelf to hold all your belongings such as plates, cups, jars, or food ingredients.

Apart from making your kitchen neat and the items neatly arranged, the shelves will also make your items and food ingredients cleaner than dust.

For design problems, the dish rack also has many designs that can enhance the appearance of your kitchen. But before you confuse choosing a variety of kitchen shelves, let’s read a few tips on choosing a minimalist kitchen cabinet below.

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Tips for Choosing a Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet

1. Kitchen Rack Material

Determine the ingredients from the kitchen shelf. Is it made of iron, aluminum or wood. Basically these ingredients have their advantages and disadvantages.

Even so, basically, kitchen shelves made of iron are the most popular type of kitchen shelves. Apart from being more sturdy and strong to accommodate heavy loads, iron is also more durable and waterproof and stains, making it easy to clean.

2. Quality

The quality of kitchen shelves is usually in accordance with the set price. Usually the better the quality of a kitchen shelf, the more the price will be.

For that there is no harm if you set aside a little more money to get a kitchen shelf that has good quality and long time. In addition, to save on expenses, you can buy a kitchen shelf at the end of the year where many stores issue special prices so that your expenses decrease.

3. Kitchen Shelf Color and Design

The color of the kitchen shelf you choose will also affect the atmosphere of your kitchen. For that, select the kitchen shelf that has the color according to the theme or match the color of the furniture in the kitchen.

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For example, your kitchen concept is minimalist, so choose a minimalist kitchen shelf design. Matching colors and designs will give the impression of harmony and make your kitchen look more beautiful.

4. Kitchen Rack Size

Before buying, it’s good that you have determined the size of the kitchen or wall that you will use to put the kitchen shelf. Also make sure that the shelf you choose is able to accommodate all your items or food ingredients.

Do not let you buy expensive kitchen shelves, but it turns out the size does not suit your needs.

5. Easy to maintain

To be durable, kitchen cabinets must be cleaned and cared for frequently. For that, choose a dish rack that has material that is easy to clean.

Usually aluminum, and iron will be easier to clean than kitchen shelves made of wood.

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