27+ Modern Dining Table Ideas for Your Home

Modern Dining Table. Every part of the residence must have its own variety of forms and uniqueness. Like the dining room in the house.

In addition to being a space to eat together with family, the dining room is one of the means to gather and spend time together with family. One important element in the dining room is the dining table.

The development of the design and model of the dining table itself is indeed very varied without neglecting the usability and ergonomic aspects of the dining table itself.

Now this time we will review the unique dining table design and can be an inspiration for your dining room.

1. Aluminum modern dining table that is easy to move

Tables like this can be said to be portable dining tables that can be moved according to the wishes of the homeowner. Usually made of aluminum, this dining table is equipped with metal or aluminum chairs.

One alternative that you can choose for example is a dining table with silver aluminum. Pair a dark-colored dining table with a neutral colored carpet for a trendy minimalist impression in your dining room.

2. Counter-shaped dining table that can save space

This dining table has a simple and attractive design, which is in the form of a dining table that is directly attached to the wall of the house.

Besides being able to be used for a place to enjoy breakfast in the morning with a dear person, this dining table also gives the impression of a modern and beautiful, especially at home with a minimalist style.

3. A dining table with a medieval concept

The dining room design with a medieval theme is synonymous with a flexible style with walls of natural materials or using marble stone material.

This concept is suitable to be combined with a wooden dining table and minimalist dining chairs of the same material.

4. Extendable table dining table for simple and classic dining room

A dining table that can be adjusted in length and width or an extendable table with bright colors can be the latest combo for your dining room design.

Do not forget to add a rug statement to complete your dining table, so that the dining room looks more beautiful to look at and people in the house will feel at home for a long time in the dining room.

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5. A rustic-themed dining table for dinner with big families

Who would reject a rustic theme with natural wood for a dining table? With a long dining table and blends with the kitchen, it gives a homey impression to the dining room itself. It is suitable for joint dinners for large families.

6. Dining table with an interesting futuristic concept

Speaking of futuristic designs, of course we can imagine how beautiful a clean and well-designed design with monochrome colors like black, white or gray.

For the dining table itself you can choose a sleek, clear glass dining table that displays the modern side of your dining room.

If you want to have a table with a futuristic theme, pay attention to the decor of the room that matches the wall decoration and futuristic-style lamps to support your dining room.

7. A fusion dining table between wood and modern glass

Fusion or a mixture of natural woods on the walls and floors of a house with modern glass or modern glass tables can make the dining table in your dining room immediately attract your eyes.

That way, your dining room will feel more dynamic, even for a dining room that tends to be narrow.

8. Dining table for contemporary classical concepts

By taking the classic contemporary or contemporary classic dining room concept, this dining room looks attractive with a wooden dining table made of mahogany wood as the center of the dining room.

Not forgetting also the artificial or custom made chairs that are adjusted to the color of the theme of the room and also the floor of the room.

Sweetening decorations in the form of hanging ornaments also further highlight the classic impression of the room.

9. Dining table for dining room and private reading room

Having a dining room directly connected to the kitchen is common. Now what about the dining room which is also a reading room or mini library in your house? Never imagined, right?

Complete the dining room as well as a minimal library with a dining table made of tempered glass that has been tarnished with the same color as the room or bookshelf at home.

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10. The dining table is a modern minimalist concept

Minimalist trends seem to be endless. This can also be applied to the dining room. Like the dining room above which is dominated by white and black accents on the bench.

This white table is custom-made from wood and metal which has the same color as the chair.

There is also a rug statement or fur carpet in addition to comfortable accents in the dining room close to this glass window. Chandelier or chandelier can be used to sweeten the room.

11. Round dining table for spring-themed dining room

Even though there is no spring in Indonesia, it doesn’t hurt to create a spring atmosphere at home, including in the dining room.

For this concept dining table you can use a round table or round table which is covered with a table cloth with bright colors and patterns.

Not to forget also the chairs that surround the round table, complete with striped rugs or lines that add warm elements in the dining room.

12. Dining table for Japanese-style dining room with tatami

The dining room with Japanese style or concept is identical to the theme using tatami as a base. You can also replace it with a comfortable fur carpet as a base when you eat.

For the dining table, you can use a low-designed wooden dining table to prepare the table. To add a beautiful impression, you can also add a floor cushion or a soft seat cushion.

13. The dining table for the dining room is the concept of breakfast nook

The dining room with breakfast nook or kitchen banquet concept is still rarely used by most people.

But it doesn’t hurt to try. This breakfast nook itself is usually used by those who want to take advantage of the nook space (arch at home) so that it can be a unique dining room.

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