27+ Beautiful Bed Curtain Ideas You Will Love

Beautiful Bed Curtain Ideas. The bedroom is a very important place for every inhabitant of the house. In addition to a place to unwind, the bed is also a space that frees every individual to be yourself as it is.

Not infrequently the bedroom is designed to show the identity of the inhabitants, ranging from shades, colors, textures, furniture, to other small details.

One way to decorate a bedroom that can have a big impact is the use of mosquito nets. In addition to decoration, mosquito nets also serve as a mosquito repellent.

Interested in decorating the bedroom using a mosquito net? Consider the following inspiration.

Seeing these rooms reminiscent of the classic house style in tropical climates. White nets are installed increasingly beautify rooms located next to this park.

No need to worry if your room is located in the attic over the house. Although the roof angle gives the impression of a narrow, you can outsmart it by not adding a lot of furniture in the room.

By pairing the gray mosquito net, this wooden room looks simple and calm.

The first impression of seeing this room is the warmth and comfort. With the dominance of white, mosquito nets are also selected with a matching color.

The gray floor is adorned with a light brown carpet and the walls are cream colored. Dressing table put in the room gives more feminine touch. Unique, the doors and ceilings of the rooms seem like an old but natural home.

Wow impression was felt when I saw the room with shades of gray. Selection of matching carpet and luxurious bedding further strengthens the exclusive impression.

A fine white curtain net is also the focus of the sleeping area with views of this beach. Flower vases and crystal chandeliers also add to the impression of modern and classy. Exquisite!

Why not play with color? Express yourself with favorite colors. Like this purple room this one has a mysterious yet elegant impression. Selection of purple color with various levels or gradations to make this room remain comfortable to the eye.

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Purple polka-dot sofa and bed cover gives the impression of sweet and cute, as well as a charming purple netting.

Modern minimalist bed netting design has an important role in protecting you when you sleep soundly at night.

Especially the bed-mounted mosquito net protects from attacks and mosquito bites that cause various diseases, and also provides protection to avoid dangerous objects from falling roofs, or the faeces of animals that crawl on walls, and protect from the night breeze is not good for your body health.

In addition, mosquito nets can protect you from other animals from getting into bed and keeping your safety.

Limit the view while going to bed.

When going to bed usually some people are disturbed by the fear that haunts the shadows and views in the bedroom, especially if the child’s bedroom is separated with a spacious bedroom but for one person only.

Well, by using mosquito nets other than as a protector, can also serve as a barrier bed between the scope of the bedroom, so the view when about to sleep more limited, do not see walls and lights that make the eyes glare, for the timid and do not like dark, turning on the lights while sleeping without being distracted by the blinding light of the eyes, it’s quicker to fall asleep soundly, awake, and more secure and comfortable.

As a design decoration of the bed.

Modern minimalist bed netting design certainly has added value and its own advantages when applied to today’s minimalist bedroom, especially as a decoration on the bed, depending on the chosen mosquito netting, adjust the color of bed nets with bed colors and bed linen, to look aligned and beautiful .

Add a classic and elegant impression.

Classic impression of course very suitable to be combined for modern minimalist bedroom, using mosquito nets with a model and a beautiful and unique motif will give a different color in your bedroom, making it look more luxurious by applying the design of modern minimalist bed netting.

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Design of mosquito nets are also diverse. Starting from the simple, to the ornate lace pile. If you do not want to be bothered, can simply by enclosing a wide scarf, on the pillar netting.

Pay attention to the design of the bed. Lightweight fabric drifted and slightly dreamy, fit once applied to the bed sleek and medium-sized design. Such fabrics are also suitable to be applied in modern styled bedrooms.

On the contrary, the king-sized bed, classic and luxurious design, best suited to choose a mosquito net decorated with piles of lace.

Choose a cloth that is rather heavy and not wandering, velvet for example. Cloths like this reinforce the impression of elegance and elegance.

But, do not ever apply it in a small bed. Can-can look unbalanced. Not beautiful even so strange.

Mosquito nets are also chosen to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Because the mosquito net can make the bed area becomes more private. Not infrequently used mosquito nets as a wedding room decoration.

The picture above is just as an illustration and reference for the reader, apply the mosquito nets well on your bed by adjusting the minimalist bedroom design and the size of the bed.

You can choose the motif and model of mosquito net according to their individual taste, without neglecting the balance of color and design on bedroom space to keep impressing beautiful, elegant, minimalist and modern.

Thus information about the design of modern minimalist bed netting, may be useful and congratulations to create with their own ideas.

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