23+ Fun and Cool Graduation Party Ideas for High School Middle School

Cool Graduation Party Ideas for High School Middle School. School graduation parties are identical with prom night. But if the prom event can’t be held – because of permit or budget constraints – it doesn’t mean you can’t make fun at all.

Who knows the following graduation ideas are suitable for you!

1. Brunch Party

One of the things that is constraining the procurement of prom night is because it is held at night.

Yes yes, the name also prom NIGHT! As an alternative, you can make a brunch event or eat beautifully together in the early morning hours.

Especially now there are so many small and contemporary places that can be book for brunch events.

Location: Cafe, restaurant or outdoor dining area. But don’t be in a hotel building or ballroom. In addition to being expensive, the venue doesn’t match the semi-formal brunch concept.

If you want to be more economical, hold it in one of the friends’ houses that are quite large.

Decoration: Chic decoration is one of the characteristics of this kind of event. You can decorate yourself or rent decorating services.

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You can also, choose a venue that has cool interior design, so you don’t need to do anything anymore.

Outfit: Semi-formal. Exclamation also if you use a certain dress code, for example, black and white or a la ’80s.

2. Barbecue Party

BBQ, this means making barbecues and bonfires, you know. Ideally, it would be held on the beach, in the afternoons before sunset.

So look for venues (restaurants, cafes) on the local beach that can be used as private events, or just make your own events on the beach (but make sure you get the permission first, yes!) spacious yard.

Location: Local beaches, restaurants or cafes on the beach, the house of one friend or a rented party house.

Decoration: This kind of event does not need “wow” decorations, because it relies more on the outdoor beach atmosphere.

The thing that you can “play” is lighting, so that the atmosphere of the show gets more intense. So try to maximize the elements of decoration candles, lanterns, or torches.

Then, you should provide an indoor area or a closed area (for example, with a tent), so that if it suddenly rains, the event doesn’t break up.

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Outfit: Relaxing and comfortable. For girls, flat shoes, please!

3. Exclusive Concert

The meaning of “exclusive” means here, this concert alias is special from, by and for your own generation.

So it’s not open to other generations, let alone to the public. Is it open house? Now, at this event you can show off talent that can be a memento for your generation too.

If you want to band, dance, stand-up comedy can also be done. You can also joint ventures to display guest stars as the highlight of the event.

Location: School hall, sports bracelet

Decoration: Decorations that are in line with the soul of the school and generation. For example, you can decorate a room with the color of the force, display photos of the force activities for three years at school, and so on.

Outfit: Casual or compact, use the jacket of the class / school pride.


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