23+ DIY Best Corner Coffee Bar Ideas for Your Home

DIY Best Corner Coffee Bar Ideas. For coffee connoisseurs, smelling the aroma and sipping hot coffee is the most soothing moment. Besides giving bitter sweetness, this drink can also be an adhesive for a relationship. Business relationships are one of them.

Not only that, the coffee shop is also often used as a compulsory place as a meeting point for old friends, or just doing work and reading favorite books.

Interior design that gives a comfortable impression, as well as jazz music that fills the whole room, clearly gives the impression of an instant metropolis life.

Well, for those who enjoy coffee, you can also create a comfortable atmosphere at home as comfortable as a coffee shop.

1. Collect vintage-style items

Coffee houses in the house are at least 0.68m x 1.80m, where you can simply use a table or shelf that can be a place to store coffee makers and a few chives and glasses.

Coffee shops are synonymous with vintage interior concepts. You can also start searching for and collecting a number of key items such as coffee making machines, tables or shelves, and cups, glasses and small spoons.

2. Design a small coffee shop with a naming identity

Making a coffee shop might be a bit like a kitchen or glass shelf and plate.

To be more memorable and as if giving the impression of the function of the room, you should provide a naming identity. For example, using a mug display with the spelling of C-O-F-E-E.

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3. Use unused bookshelves

Glass or cup storage racks, can also be from unused bookshelves. You just need to beautify the color match combined with the dominant color of your room.

The rack can also be placed close to the kitchen set, but you have to keep the coffee machine storage close which can be an identity function.

4. Take advantage of the corner of the room

If you do not have a glass or cup storage rack, you can use the corner of the house to be used as a small coffee shop.

The trick is to install a small “letter L” table that looks like a meatballs tavern. Then, place the coffee maker on it, and a number of complementary coffees such as milk, cream, sugar, etc. you can store next to the machine.

Markers of the room as a coffee shop are shown with posters or photos placed between cups or the like.

In addition, as a sweetener, you can also use a cloth panel cut into triangular shapes. And mounted dangling on one of the corners of the room.

5. Add with “pop color”

“Pop color” is a combination of many colors that give the impression of gray or make the impression of a monochrome color.

Adding pop color as the idea of a small coffee shop at home is the way most people do.

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This color will provide a relaxing view so that you will be more comfortable lingering near this room.

6. Coffee shop shades of ‘black and white’

You can also apply a combination of black and white to your coffee shop. For example, a push table as a place to store coffee makers and store glasses and cups.

This black and white concept is very appropriate to be applied in a room dominated by white.

7. Coffee shop in the kitchen set cabinet

Making a small coffee shop at home can also use the cabinet in the kitchen set.

Cabinets commonly used to store plates and glasses, can also be ‘transformed’ into a hidden coffee shop.

This concept is very simple and does not spend much of the rest of the room.

8. Use patterned colors on each element

The idea of making another tiny coffee shop, is to use a patterned color that is applied to the elements of glass, cups, or cans of cream, sugar, or milk. In addition, as a buffer, you can also work around this by using glass attached to the wall.

This concept is very thick with a vintage feel that uses more patterns and choices of young colors like soft pink, cream, soft chocolate and so on.

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