23+ Cool Tiki Garden Tiki Bar Ornament Ideas for Your Home

Cool Tiki Garden Tiki Bar Ideas. Knowing what models of home bar design concepts are at home and the stages in their development.

The bar is sometimes needed at home because this area presents a kind of oasis in the form of entertainment space in the middle of a house.

In making it happen, it is quite easy because of the bar design blue print that is ready to wake up.

Regarding design, there is no need to worry, because now there are many types of home bar designs offered with various themes, ranging from ethnic, tropical, modern, simple-chic, to minimalist. Everything is certainly adjusted to the wishes of the owner.

Home bars can not only be a private area to accommodate personal needs, but can also be an area to gather by inviting your colleagues to chat here.

If you are a lover of relaxed atmosphere in chat, there’s no harm in you building a mini home bar at home. So, this time we will present some alternative home bar designs and stages in planning the creation of this area.

Design a pub-style home bar

To create a pub type home bar, placing accented wood is the main material and is the foundation of this design.

Usually, this design incorporates many wood elements that are given a distinctive ornament, making it more down to earth and suitable to be applied at home. To strengthen the character of the bar with this pub-style design, you can order vintage items and antique furniture.

In addition, tiles made of rock also dominate the elements of this pub-style design. If you don’t want to use tiles from these rocks, you can replace them with carpets with earthy colors like brown with a little redness.

In order for the elements to appear together, you can add brick or yellow elements to the walls and ceiling. Finally, as a supplement, metal-based items can be placed in this bar area.

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Tiki Garden Bar

If you want a different home bar look, try to apply this Tiki Bar design. In this Tiki bar design, one of the most iconic things is thatched roof or straw roof.

In realizing this, let your bar design be as simple as possible with the use of simple wood. To maximize its appearance, you can add Carved tiki totem polish (carved tiki poles) that are installed to become a pillar that supports the straw roof.

To create a rather low ceiling design, you can add bamboo signposts with simple construction.

Besides being used on the ceiling, bamboo is also used on the tiki bar floor. For the walls, rattan is chosen. These materials such as wood, straw, bamboo and rattan further strengthen the tropical impression that you want to highlight in this Tiki Bar style design.

To make it look more ‘alive’ you can add appropriate lighting, namely a pendant lamp with colored shades bright enough, for example red, orange, green, blue, or yellow so that the impression of a tropical is more visible.

Ultra-Chic Bar

The most prominent character of the Ultra-Chic bar design is the white-on-white color schemes application.

This is intentionally made to create a look that is modern and ‘chic’ without the impression of excessive glamor.

This kind of bar design is the design that is most often applied to luxury international hotels and resorts.

In applying this bar design, you need some basic elements like white cloth, wood material, plus white upholstery. Wooden floors with slightly pale colors dominate this ultra-chic bar design.

To complete all of the above aspects, a white candlestick with additional lighting is used to create a pleasant feel. To give a little fun in a design that looks ‘plain’ at first glance, you can add Vibrant blue artwork and glass candle motives as accessories.

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Stages in realizing the design of home bar at home:

1. Determine the spot where you will build the home bar

To build a home bar, determine the spot in your house that is quite spacious and open and easily accessible.

Besides that, you don’t have to place this home bar in the room. You can place this home bar anywhere, from next to the living room, in the garage, in the basement, to the back area of the house that is separated from the main building.

In addition to determining the location, also specify the shape, design, and optimum room size.

2. Design the bar design according to choice

Before creating a home bar at home, you need to design a design or blue print from this bar.

Now, we can buy this bar design and many are available on sites on the internet. After determining the blue print, you can start building a home bar according to the steps listed.

3. Decor and fill the bar with various stocks

For decoration issues, this is certainly adjusted to the concept of the bar that you are stretching.

While regarding the issue of stock or items that you want to put here, it all depends on your taste. To be sure, the main purpose of making a bar is to create an area of relaxation and entertainment.

So, try to get the items you provide here to support your initial goal in building a bar. You can place wine with various brands behind the bar and become the back drop.

Good luck

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