23+ Best Modern Ceiling Lighting Design for Your Home

Best Modern Ceiling Lighting Design. In minimalist houses with a classic interior style, you certainly find various models of chandeliers in it.

Lamps that are usually made of crystal material are likely to be a favorite for owners of large homes, because it gives the impression of a more elegant and of course prestige. But now the chandelier is not a monopoly from such houses.

But now, chandelier or pendant model lights are not only found in classic-style houses. Even in a residence that utilizes a minimalist model, you will get a chandelier model like this.

Of course with a little modification in its form, with results that are more modern and in accordance with today’s modern minimalist style.

The many models of this chandelier will give you the opportunity to match your home situation.

Because usually this kind of lamp is placed in the dining room, you can start from there. This is what you must pay attention to when installing it:

Basic Concept of Lighting Hanging

What is the concept of the chandelier? Are you looking for a classic, vintage, modern style, or want to add a cafe-like feel?

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Is it suitable with various interiors around?

It would be very strange if you put your chandelier along with intricate ornaments on top of a residence that has a modern minimalist style. You should match the lights with various surrounding furniture models.

Distance between lights and furniture

Ideally, the lamp will carry at least 1.5 m from the surface of the table or existing furniture. So the lights do not trigger glare and include no potential to be hit by a head or hand.

Adjust the color of the house wall

Since the wall will reflect the light from the lamp, you should choose a lamp that matches the color of the wall, such as a white ball for a neutral wall, or a yellow / orange ball for a brick wall.

There are various types of hanging lamps themselves. You can choose which one best suits your needs:

Pendant Light Pendant Lamp Model

Is a model of a lamp that is hung by a chain, cable, or thick wire, and is usually used to highlight the lamp directly to the surface of the furniture. The lampshade itself varies, from the shape of the bowl to the bell.

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Chandelier Hanging Lamp Model

Pendant lamps whose main purpose is to illuminate the room is decorative, with lots of ‘arms’ or branches, usually from crystals, and gives an added impression of luxury.

Foyer light hanging lamp model

Pendant lamps are pendant models whose casing is glass, lantern-shaped or moreover open, and are usually installed near the entrance.

Decorative lights are usually used to beautify a room. In general, lights in English called chandeliers are placed in the living room or living room.

Most of these hanging decorative lights have a luxurious and elegant design. This is because the ingredients also consist of luxury materials such as crystal stones, porcelain ceramics and even wearing gold coating.

However, the design of decorative lights is not only luxurious and elegant. There are many other designs that are not less beautiful.

Even with creativity, some of these decorative lighting designs are actually created from unexpected materials!

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