22+ Barrel Furniture Ideas You Will Love

Barrel Furniture Ideas. How do you dispose of your garbage? Do you pay someone to bring it to the landfill for you?  Did you bring it to the dump area itself? Or do you burn it?

Even if you have your trash situation closed now, what if an emergency occurs, and you need a way to get rid of waste and keep it warm too? So what?

Well, you will need a fuel barrel. I live in an area where it is very common for people to burn their trash. I don’t like all harmful fumes being swallowed so we throw our trash differently.

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But I have a barrel of fuel only in an emergency. To be honest, I’m not happy with that because it really makes the eyes hurt.

That is why I will bring you various options to burn your fuel. You are sure to find one that suits your needs.

These 1/2 Oak Wine Barrel Timber Planters are the perfect decorative piece for around the home and garden. A great solution for herbs and flowers, these barrels add character to any space.

Great for decoration
Perfect for around the home and garden
Made from oak

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Tuscan Path’s Wooden Planters offer a multi-purpose planter with lots of natural, rustic character. Their authentic, simple design brings out the beauty of their wooden construction.
Made from acacia, they are useful as storage, craft containers, gift hampers and even as a cooler.

Made from acacia
Useful as storage, craft containers, gift hampers or even a cooler
Utilises small space efficiently with successive plantings of vegetables

Ideal for floral displays, herbs and other culinary plants

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