20+ Greenhouse Ideas You Will Love

Need some greenhouse ideas?. Build a green house is not hard, as long as you understand all the processes, both from the preparation to the development process.

Green house is a special building that has a function as a planting medium to help plants grow optimally from the time of breeding, storage to the process of cultivation.

Green house is useful to keep plants from environmental conditions that will affect the growth of the plant itself.

Examples such as factors of sunlight, humidity, temperature, wind, and pest attacks or air pollution.

Each type of green house can be distinguished from its design. Each form of the design is designed with due regard to the surrounding climate factors and conditions. For example in tropical climates, how to create a green house will require a bit of engineering, that is, the shape and design of a green house will be made by using lots of ventilation.

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Tunnel Type

This type of curved or dome-like shape, where the walls and roofs are made together to close to form a semi-circle. Usually widely used environment that is in the sub-tropics.

Piggy Back Type

This type is also called tropical green house which is widely used in the tropics. This type of shape resembles a house with lots of vents on the roof.

Multispan Type

This type is a combination of tunnel type and piggy back type. This type is more widely used in agricultural blood that has a large scale, because it has a strong building structure but still economical.

To improve the quality and quantity of crop production. You must provide nutrition and attention to the environment within the green house, the quality and quantity of the production of each plant will certainly be better.

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To conduct organic cultivation of plants. If the condition of green house are well maintained, the possibility of pests or plant diseases can be avoided. Under these conditions, the use of pesticides becomes no longer needed.

Here another inspiring greenhouse picture:

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