20+ Awesome Jaw Dropping Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation is not an ordinary thing. But it means a lot to you all who just pass. Well, because of that, it really needs to be the name of the graduation party. The graduation party will be a precious moment and the last memories when you sit in high school.

Well, that’s why you really want to make your graduation party? we will help you find some inspiration.

School graduation party is synonymous with prom night. But if the prom event cannot take place-because of the constraint permit or budget, it does not mean you can not make a festive at all.

One of the things that become a constraint in prom night is because it is held at night. Yes yes, the name is also prom NIGHT! Alternatively, you can make a brunch event aka eat-dinner together in the morning before noon. Especially now there are so many cool places that can be book for brunch event.

Here we go graduation ideas are right for you!

Print interesting photos and remind your memories when studying or playing with friends while you are in college. Put it in the yard to make it more interesting or it could be inside your house.

Make a decoration of the amazing balloons and that make eye-catching. You just need a colorful balloon and make a nice shape. Celebrate your graduation with a sweet meal. Make interesting cupcakes that taste sweet. Do not forget to sprinkle candy or cheese as a complement of knick knacks for your cupcakes.

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Locations: Local beaches, beachside restaurants or cafes, houses of friends or house parties for rent.

Decoration: This kind of event does not need decoration “wow” hell, because it relies more on the outdoor atmosphere of the beach. Things you can “play” is the lighting, so the atmosphere of the show more intense. Then try to maximize the elements of candle decoration, lanterns, or torches. Then, it is better to provide indoor or closed area (for example, with a tent), so that if it suddenly rains, the event does not break up.

Outfit: Relaxed and comfortable. For the girls, flat shoes, please!

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The meaning of “exclusive” here means, this alpha artist’s alias is SPECIAL from, by and for your own generation. So not open to other forces, let alone to the public. Is it open house? Well, in this event you can show talent that could be a memento for your generation as well. Want to nge-band, nge-dance, stand-up comedy or martial action as well as possible. You can also joint to show guest stars as the top performers.

Locations: School hall, sports bracelet

Decorations: Decorations that are in line with school soul and generation. For example, you can decorate the room with the color of the class, displaying photographs of class activities for three years at school, and so forth.

Outfit: Casual or compact jacket pride class / school.


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