20+ Amazing Fish Pond Ideas for Your Garden

Here we go, we give you some fish pond ideas. Has fish pond at home gives many advantages. From entertainment to eliminate boredom, beautify the look of the house, until the fish that can be processed and consumed.

In building a fish pond at home is required good planning. Not only in terms of view of the pool but also technical problems such as irrigation, drainage, lighting, and so forth.

Koi Fish Pond Ideas

Model design of a simple koi fish pond in a minimalist home is quite a lot of interest.

Because One type of fish that is much maintained is a koi fish famous for its colorful beauty. Although these fish can be kept in the aquarium but the number of fish that can be maintained is very limited.

If you want to keep a large number of koi fish while giving them more space to play then the fish pond is the right choice.

Koi ponds can be built anywhere around the house either in the yard, terrace, even inside the house.

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In order for us to enjoy the beauty use a translucent thick glass as in the example above design. Also do not forget to keep the water clean so that the water does not become cloudy and dirty.

Mini Fish Pond Ideas

The design of the mini fish pond as a model of small ornamental fish ponds located in front of the minimalist house much in demand.

Ornamental fish ponds can be made in any size even mini. What is important is adjusted between the area of ​​the pond with the number of fish so that fish can live comfortably.

For example the model of fish ponds in the picture above where the pond is made with a square shape is small enough.

The front wall of the pool is made with translucent glass making it easier for us to enjoy the beauty of the fish to the bottom of the pond.

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Waterfall and Fountain

Additional fountain accents are also increasingly beautify the look of the pool. Add also rocks and plants around the pond to add to the atmosphere.

Waterfall accents in fish ponds not only serve to beautify the pool but also for water circulation so that water can keep changing and awake cleanliness and clarity.

This waterfall can be made with various models one of them terraces or storied models as in the picture above. Also add lights on the pool wall so that the fish pond looks more beautiful and beautiful at night.

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