10 Bunker-like as Surprisingly Chic Interior Design Ideas


Check this bunker interior design from around the world.

Do you like Fallout games? you should love this.

The architectural concept established in the renovation bunker is based on a clear contrast between the old and the new.

The original concrete building has been restored, while the new ‘additions’ built on the existing structure have been made of cor-ten steel, reflecting the industrial past of each area.

The interior are in tune with the industrial nature of the factory, providing a similar connection with the historical and cultural context.

The architects also took care of the interior of the room where a sort of inversion between interior and exterior, between public and private, creates a spatial experience of disorientation for owners .

The public spaces allow you to take a look inside the rooms, while the private spaces invite you to look towards the public areas, such as the large window above the reception and the windows of the corridor that overlook the dining room .

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These visual connections of “unusual” spaces not only bring an element of surprise, but “force” the guests to confront the urban condition of industrial era in which the visual corridors and the narrow adjacencies define the unique “spatial flavor” of the city.

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